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General Terms and Conditions of Use with effect from December 10th, 2020


The purchase and/or the use of the GIFT CARD are governed by the following General Terms and Conditions of use.

LA SEMAINE S.r.l. invites Customers to carefully read the following General Terms and Conditions of Use before using the GIFT CARD.

LA SEMAINE S.r.l. may make changes or additions to these General Terms and Conditions of Use at any time with effect from the date of publication on the website. In any case, the Customer will be bound exclusively to the General Terms and Conditions of Use governed by the text in force at the time of use of the GIFT CARD.

The use of the GIFT CARD implies the full knowledge and express acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions of Use and any subsequent amendments or additions thereto.

For any further information that may be necessary regarding these General Terms and Conditions of Use and/or the purchases made on the basis of the same, LA SEMAINE S.r.l. invites interested parties to contact the Customer Service at

Features and Terms

The GIFT CARD is a virtual code, which can only be purchased online at and can be used for future purchases, at the conditions and in the manner set out in these General Terms and Conditions of Use.

GIFT CARDS are a digital product. LA SEMAINE does not offer physical GIFT CARDS.

The GIFT CARD is sent by email to the recipient address indicated by the purchaser immediately after purchase or on (or as near as possible to) a scheduled date if specified by the same.

LA SEMAINE S.r.l. is unable to process orders with multiple GIFT CARD recipients. It is requested to place a separate order for each recipient.

Discounts cannot be redeemed against a purchase of a GIFT CARD. All GIFT CARD purchases must be paid in full using a Credit Card or any other available payment method (PayPal, Apple Pay, Shop Pay).

The GIFT CARD can be used within 12 months from the date of payment. It will be possible to verify the expiry date of the card at any time at this link.

The GIFT CARD will be available in the variable cut at the customer's choice from a minimum of EUR 50.00 to a maximum of EUR 500.00 with multiple amounts of EUR 50,00. The price for the GIFT purchase will correspond, therefore, to its face value.

The purchase of GIFT CARD is subject to VAT application as per applicable laws.

No discounts and/or promotions of any kind may be applied to the purchase of the GIFT CARD. It is intended for private and non-commercial use only, does not involve any activation cost and it is not rechargeable.

GIFT CARDS are calculated and issued in Euro.

GIFT CARD orders are not subject to additional processing or shipping fees when purchased on their own.


The GIFT CARD will be active immediately after the conclusion of the purchase.

At the time of purchase, a receipt will be given to the Customer indicating the amount and characteristics of the GIFT CARD.


The GIFT CARD can be spent in several solutions and can therefore be used on several occasions until its value is completely exhausted.

For each purchase, the value will be deducted from the remaining amount of credit associated with the card.

If the value of the GIFT CARD is not exhausted by the expiration date (12 months from the date of payment), the customer shall not be entitled to change or reimbursement of any kind.

GIFT CARDS are only redeemable against LA SEMAINE S.r.l. merchandise on this website.

Items purchased via GIFT CARD will be refunded back to the original GIFT CARD.  

The GIFT CARD is not returnable and the balance of the same cannot be returned to the CARD owner in any form.

It cannot be used to purchase other GIFT CARDS.

If the initial value is insufficient to make the desired purchase, the missing amount must be paid using the accepted payment methods listed at the check-out.

Items purchased via GIFT CARD and another form of payment (Credit Card, PayPal, Shop Pay) will be refunded back to the original GIFT CARD first. The remaining refund balance (if any) will be refunded to the other payment method.

The amount associated with the GIFT CARD does not earn interest and cannot be transferred to another CARD of any kind.

LA SEMAINE S.r.l. cannot be attributed any responsibility for improper or fraudulent use of GIFT CARDS.

This regulation is valid from December 10th, 2020 until its explicit modification or integration or replacement.

LA SEMAINE S.r.l. reserves the right to verify the correct use of the GIFT CARD and, in case of ascertained violations, to have it immediately cancelled. Any abuse committed by the owner of the GIFT CARD will lead to the immediate exclusion from the services related to it.

Right of Withdrawal

According to article 52 of D. Lgs. 206 of 2005 (Consumer Code) the Client will have a period of 14 days from the date of delivery of the GIFT CARD by email to withdraw from the contract without giving any reason and without incurring in costs other than those provided for in article 56, paragraph 2, provided that the purchaser or the recipient of the GIFT CARD has not used any part of the GIFT CARD to make a purchase (even if that purchase is cancelled).

According to article 54 of the same legislative decree, in order to exercise the right of withdrawal, the Customer who has purchased the GIFT CARD online shall, before the expiration of the abovementioned period, proceed with the withdrawal by visiting our returns page.


Any communication and/or complaint regarding the use of the GIFT CARD may be sent by email to

Applicable Law

These Terms and Conditions of Use are governed by Italian law.


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