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On Lundi La Semaine Paris is Feminist.
The essence of La Semaine Paris lies in the dream of her creative director, Gabrielle: to make women feel bold and “belle comme le jour” from Monday to Sunday. To reach this dream, she reunited a group of women with different stories, cultures and backgrounds, bound by the same goal of doing something as women for women, their first source of inspiration. 
On Mardi La Semaine Paris is a Digital Native Brand.
La Semaine Paris aims to create a direct link with its community: we want to be with you in every step of your journey here. Therefore, to bring the best possible quality at a fair price, we cut the unnecessary steps between us. The closer the better.
On Mercredi La Semaine Paris is Conscious.
In life as in the closet, there is no room for waste: our aim is to create timeless pieces! We will be working hard to make sure nothing will be lost, indeed the remains of fabrics will give life to other unique pieces that will last from a wardrobe to another.
On Jeudi La Semaine Paris is a Lifestyle.
We have no boundaries: La Semaine Paris is not only about trends, about fashion, it’s a group of women around the world sharing the same tastes and values. We will give you tips about everything that makes us curious and nourish our soul. Sharing is caring.
On Vendredi La Semaine Paris is a Community.
We want to make you feel part of a movement: the world is full of women like us, ready to tell their ideas of contemporary femininity. We are not afraid of expressing our inner beauty, being who we truly are. Join us, let’s see how we are stronger together.
On Samedi La Semaine Paris is Fair.
La Semaine Paris is making the effort to be more mindful and responsible to have a modern approach. Our producer is based in Italy and we work with a farm in India specialized in different types of processing like embroideries. We work really close with our production team, speaking with our suppliers, examining our supply chain and traceability.
On Dimanche La Semaine Paris is pour Vous.
La Semaine Paris is yours. Go against the rules, mix our pieces, change them however you want to make them feel yours. From day to night own them, use them, share them but mostly, have fun along the way.


Hello Beautiful

We are always looking for curious and talented people to join our team and help us grow bigger and better everyday.

Send us a copy of your CV at and we will get in touch with you if your talents match our needs in the future.